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July'22 - Salam Charity Education Appeal

July'22 - Salam Charity Education Appeal

by Riwaya

    Yet again, its that time of the month where over here at Riwaya we let you know about which cause we've donated to for Riwaya community July. One of the key aims of Riwaya is to empower our community. Businesses can use our marketplace software, our marketing tools and many others to help them to go to the next level.

    However, we need to also realise there are those who do not have the ability to start businesses. This is why this month's Riwaya community donation is for Salam Charity’s Education appeal. To help our community in additional ways.

    With a % of all monthly sales going to Riwaya community and supporting muslims around the world, we feel that despite being an online islamic marketplace, it's our moral obligation to support those amazing institutions in the world that further the cause for Muslims across all aspects of their life. This is why we have donated to the Islamic Charity SalamCharity! To support education projects in Pakistan and Bangladesh, giving students the resources to support their learning

    SalamCharity aims to: 

    • Making education an attainable goal for children leading impoverished and difficult lives.
    • Empowering the next generation to gain the knowledge and skills to allow them to build a better life.
    • Providing the resources to ensure children do not go hungry at school.

    Some statistics that support the need for more effort to be made
    263 million children and youngsters are not in school

    An estimated 61 million primary-school-age children are out of school; 53% of them are girls increasing the risk of forced child marriage.

    420 million children will not learn even the most basic skills.

    124 million children have not even started school or have been forced to drop out.

    The need for a secure and supported education for our most vulnerable communities is not only an Islamic issue but a global issue. Through our teachings from the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims should be at the forefront of global efforts.

    As we continue with Riwaya community, ensuring that as an islamic and ethical marketplace we grow, our support for our community grows! You can check out our other donations at

    Have something you want us to support or partner with? Get in touch at or through [email protected] 

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