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October'21 - Muslim Youth Helpline

October'21 - Muslim Youth Helpline

by Riwaya

    This month’s Riwaya community donation is coming a little bit closer to home to support an initiative that we at Riwaya is vital for our community here in the UK. Muslim Youth Helpline is a charity that helps provide culturally and faith sensitive support to British Muslim Youth.

    In keeping with our emphasis on Mental Health this month, we believe that supporting such a vital service at a time of such a mental health epidemic for Muslim youth up and down the country will inshallah go some way in ensuring our youth get the support they need.

    Here is a brief summary of the work Muslim Youth Helpline do:

    For too many young British Muslims, the feeling of never quite belonging and having to meet conflicting social expectation, creates despair during the formative years of adolescence. In a community where most social issues are a cultural taboo, increasing numbers of young people are resorting to self-harm and substance abuse for escape, and mental health problems appear disproportionately higher.

    There is an urgent need for faith and culturally sensitive support services. MYH was set up to meet this need.

    You can find out more about the work they do here:

    When we started Riwaya Community, our goal was always to support services that we believe would be most beneficial to our community be it in the UK and abroad. A lot has bene made of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and rightly so, but we should shine a light on the mental health epidemic that is in our community. 

    It is important for us to be there for one another, share a kind work and ask how our friends and family are doing. But for those who do not have that outlet, that community or that safe space it is equally if not more important to help support initiatives that are looking to provide that.

    We recently posted in our latest blog the importance of Islam and Mental Health. You can read about it here:

    You can find our other donations here:

    As we inshallah continue with our monthly Riwaya community, we are looking for increasingly creative ways we can support our community. 

    Have a community focused cause you’d like us to support, get in touch with us at [email protected]or       

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