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November'21 - Homeless Appeal

November'21 - Homeless Appeal

by Riwaya

    This month’s Riwaya community donation is coming a little bit closer to home to support an initiative that we at Riwaya is vital for our community here in the UK. This is why we have donated this month’s Riwaya community to Muslim Charity’s ‘Love Homeless’ project. 

    As the winter months come in to play, the biggest risks of the cold goes onto those within our cities and towns without a home, shelter, warm blankets and food for the night. It is therefore not only our moral and ethical duty but our religious duty to help those most at risk.

    Here is a brief summary of the work the Love Homeless project do:

    “Statistics show that 4,428 people – one in every 633 people – in the Manchester region, no longer have a permanent roof over their heads. There is anything between 90 to 200 people sleeping rough in Manchester City centre every night.

    In the City centre the homeless community sleep under bridges, shop fronts and there is a night shelter they can access with a cost of £12 per night.

    Muslim Charity is providing warm food, hot drinks, sleeping mats and sleeping bags which are regularly requested and needed by the homeless community.

    This project is desperately needed as without charities’ support the homeless community do not have access to any food or shelter. With temperatures already plunged to sub-zero, snow and severe weather conditions have exposed members of the homeless community to lose their lives.”

    You can find out more about the work they do here:

    When we started Riwaya Community, our goal was always to support services that we believe would be most beneficial to our community be it in the UK and abroad. As we move to a tech and cash-less society, the donations that used to be made to homeless people for them to eat and buy clothes or get a room in a hostel has been restricted significantly. As a result, we need to be more proactive in making sure the most vulnerable in our society get the care they deserve.  

    You can find our other donations here: 

    As we inshallah continue with our monthly Riwaya community, we are looking for increasingly creative ways we can support our community. 

    Have a community focused cause you’d like us to support, get in touch with us at [email protected]or       

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