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June' 22 Eid Gifts

June' 22 Eid Gifts

by Riwaya

    Riwaya Community June 2022 And just like that Eid al Adha is fast approaching and Hajj pilgrims are getting ready to set up for their once in a life time pilgrimage. Despite the issues and noise around the new Hajj systems this year, we should still use this time to stop and reflect on what Hajj is about and the amazing story of sacrifice that the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) showed us all those years ago.

     We can also use this time for reflection to think about those less fortunate than us this Eid. As always Eid is usually a time for celebration, joy, islamic gift giving and family. However, due to mass conflicts and troubles across the world, there will be many people around the world without these blessings. In particular, orphans.

    We are reminded that our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) himself was an orphan and reported by Malik ibn Al-Harith

    Whoever embraces an orphan of two Muslim parents by feeding him and giving him drink until he is independent of him, Paradise will certainly be necessary for him. Whoever emancipates a Muslim man, he will be his freedom from the Hellfire; he will be rewarded for every limb of his in equal measure.

    Source: Musnad Aḥmad 19855

    So as we encourage sellers and buyers on our marketplace to buy amazing islamic gifts, eid gifts, islamic books, islamic jewelry and islamic oudhs - we need to be mindful of those that we don’t have the blessing to afford such items. With a % of all monthly sales going to Riwaya community and supporting muslims around the world, we feel that despite being an online islamic marketplace, it's our moral obligation to support those amazing institutions in the world that further the cause for Muslims across all aspects of their life.

    This is why we have donated to the Islamic Charity Orphans In Need! To give orphans the joy of Eid gifts insha’allah! More detail can be found below and on their website

    Eid al-Adha follows the great pilgrimage to Hajj at the time of Qurbani. In commemoration, elder family members tend to give thankfully received presents to children and young adults in the family.

    Eid presents for children often include delicious snacks to indulge in, Eidi (money), and gifts that encourage meaningful use such as activity books and notepads.

    Orphaned children are going without eid presents and food this Eid. You can bring a smile to the face of an orphaned child by giving them an Eid Gift which can deliver necessities including food, clothing and toys, promising that a desperate child in need can experience the delight of an Eid gift.

    As we continue with Riwaya community, ensuring that as an islamic and ethical marketplace we grow, our support for our community grows! You can check out our other donations at

    Have something you want us to support or partner with? Get in touch at or through [email protected] 

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