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July'21 - Human Appeal

July'21 - Human Appeal

by Riwaya

    Continuing our monthly community donation policy called Riwaya Community, we at Riwaya are delighted to showcase our latest donation initiative.

    As part of Riwaya, the online Islamic marketplace, we donate a % of all monthly sales to support charitable projects both in the UK and abroad. This is inbuilt within our business model to ensure that as we as a marketplace grow, so does our impact on the community that we live in.

    This month’s charity initiative is the incredibly important Human Appeal’s Gaza Water Crisis. As the media turns its attention away from the Palestinian cause, the aftermath of latest bombardment has had a devasted impact on the water supply for Palestinians.

    Even before the escalation, the entire population of the Gaza Strip depended on one single aquifer for water, which is chronically contaminated by saltwater and sewage. 97% of water in Gaza is undrinkable, forcing families in Gaza to spend a third of their income to buy water, often at extortionate rates.Human Appeal Website

    We’ll leave this short update with the hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

    “The best form of charity is to give someone water.” Abu Dawud

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