Inspirited Minds - May'22

Inspirited Minds - May'22

by Riwaya

    With May being mental health awareness month, it was only right that we donated our % of sales to a charity that furthers the cause of mental health within Muslim communities up and down the country.

    Despite the real strides we’ve made as a community to be more open about our struggles with mental health, whenever we face them, unfortunately the current help that is in place is geared towards a more secular outlook on life. That is not to say counselors, therapists and other tools aren't helpful.

    However, we note that we must remember that within Islam we have a unique and perfect guidance for people who struggle with mental health. More and more resources should be made available for those that want to tackle their struggles within an Islamic remit with cultural and religious awareness of our communities.

    Despite being an online islamic marketplace, we feel like its our moral obligation to support those amazing institutions in the world that further the cause for Muslims across all aspects of their life.

    This is why we have donated to Inspirited Minds!

    Inspirited Minds is a faith based, grassroots mental health charity located in London that launched in 2014 with the aim to raise awareness, combat stigmas and provide professional, non-judgemental, confidential support to those with mental health illnesses. Our initial research showed many Muslims found it difficult to seek help as they felt they would not be understood by someone who did not understand their faith or culture, thus they chose to remain quiet and not seek help. We are here to change this and cater for this need.

    By having this amazing resource of counsellors that Inspiriited Minds provides, Muslims can get access to a pool of professionals that are also focus on providing faith sensitive therapy for Muslims with many of their therapists having undertaken additional training in spiritual and Islamic models of psychological therapy.

    As we continue with Riwaya community, ensuring that as a marketplace we grow, our support for our community grows!

    Have something you want us to support or partner with? Get in touch at or through [email protected] 

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