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February'22 - Women's Welfare

February'22 - Women's Welfare

by Riwaya

    This month’s Riwaya community donation ties in our company wide emphasis on the important of taking care of the women and children in Islam.

     “The best of you are those who are best to their women” – Sunan Al Tirmidhi 1162 

    In keeping with this importance, we have decided to use this month’s Riwaya community to support Penny Appeal’s for their ‘Women’s Welfare drive.

    As the continued fight for women empowerment, upholding the rights of women and girls and ensuring that both here in the UK and abroad they get access to the resources they need.

    With international women’s day coming up next week, we thought it was best to give back to those women in our communities who need us most.

    Here is a brief summary of the work Penny Appeal’s and the ‘Women’s Welfare” project does: 

    Since 2009, Penny Appeal has been building programmes to achieve women’s equality and women’s empowerment all over the world.    

    Our work has shown us first-hand how supporting women’s empowerment and fighting for the rights of women and girls can change lives - for them, for their families and even for their countries as a whole.

    Our Women’s Welfare programmes have aided in breaking the poverty cycle for many women across the globe, and have played an important part in putting an end to discrimination, eliminating harmful practices and promoting women’s equality. 

    We have a commitment to keep striving towards women’s empowerment, both internationally and here in the UK as well. Women around the world face a daily struggle for equality, with hurdles such as poverty, disaster and displacement, lack of education and gender based violence.

    You can find out more about the work they do here:

    When we started Riwaya Community, our goal was always to support services that we believe would be most beneficial to our community be it in the UK and abroad. As we move to the next stages in the Riwaya marketplace, we want to ensure that our impact on our community also takes the step. In the aim of building a brand for the next generation for all men and women and children, we need to be able to provide and be conscious of those most vulnerable in our society

    You can find our other donations here:

    As the we enter Ramadan 2022, inshallah we will continue with our monthly Riwaya community, we are looking for increasingly creative ways we can support our community. As Riwaya grows, we ourselves will look to develop our capabilities and the scope of projects we will get involved in!

    Have a community focused cause you’d like us to support, get in touch with us at [email protected] or       

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