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Getting Started On Riwaya

Getting Started On Riwaya

by Riwaya

    For those who haven’t heard yet, Riwaya is the world’s first premium online Islamic marketplace. A place where you can buy and sell anything from Oudhs, to Islamic wall art to children’s toys!

    Our goal at Riwaya is incredibly simple:

    1) Supporting / Empowering independent Muslim brands and businesses with all the tools needed to take their brand to the next level

    2) Making it easier for Muslims globally to find and get their items that fit their ethical and religious values

    3) Every purchase goes towards supporting our local and international community through our monthly charity initiatives

    Although we are a premium marketplace, we want to make it accessible as possible for buyers and sellers to come onboard!

    This is why we’ve used this week’s blog to talk about the five simple steps you can do to come on board! (P.s if you want to see all our other blogs check them out here:

    1) Signing up

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you scroll down on the Riwaya homepage, you’ll be able to find a link called sell with us, click on that link and you’ll arrive on our become a Riwaya seller sign up page!

    Here you will be able to find all the details you need to fill in to get started. Some summary hints for you:

    Make sure you read the terms and conditions at

    By signing up you get a free one month were you don’t pay anything at all and allows you to try the platform for free, and this turns into the full plan (5% commission on items sold only) automatically after a month.

    You get full access to your own Riwaya portal, Riwaya Analytics (more detail here: and Riwaya marketing!

    screen-shot-2021-09-25-at-09.27.04.png?w=750The Riwaya Portal that every seller has access to!

    Simply fill in the details and check your junk mail for that confirmation email!

    2) Getting to know your business

    To make sure we get to know you a bit better and that our customers feel safe buying from you, we do a quick check on your business.

    This takes the form a short questionnaire that takes around 3 minutes to fill in where we ask questions on your items, delivery capabilities and background etc.

    You’ll receive the questionnaire within 3 working days so the whole process is super quick!

    Remember you can always ask us questions at any stage at [email protected]

    3) Access to the platform

    Once the admin is all out of the way, you get full access to your Riwaya platform! Here you can change your details, upload your logos, connect your PayPal, configure your shipping and upload your products!

    Don’t worry if it all seems a bit daunting at first, it is a brand new system to get your head around. To make your life easier, we’ve created step-by-step video tutorials to take you along the journey. Access is sent to every seller when you get started!

    We’re always here for you every step of the way and our awesome customer service team is always happy to help.

    Found the Riwaya team to be helpful and very patient and always providing good support!’ — Riwaya Seller Feedback

    4) Uploading your products

    You don’t need to have a 100 products as part of your Riwaya store, if you’re just starting our testing out the platform feel free to just upload a few at a time.

    We approve all of our products to make sure they fit our branding and ethical values so don’t worry if you can’t find your products on your mini-store straight away.

    We also have to make sure you’re shipping and PayPal are configured before we approve it, this allows customers to know the shipping details and also for you to get your money straight away! So if it’s been a while and your products haven’t been approved, check that they’ve been configured first.

    5) Onboard the Riwaya Rocket

    A growing seller community, 1000s of potential customers and free marketing. Once you’ve done steps 1–4 you’ll be on board the Riwaya Rocket, on the journey to taking your business to the next level.

    Billboards, events, influencers, paid advertising and exposure across our socials are just some of the free marketing your products will get instantly by being a part of the marketplace!

    billboard.png?w=1024Riwaya Billboard for Eid Al Adha

    You get monthly emails to get up to date on all things Riwaya and we’re always looking to make our platform the best there is, so feel free to send us as much feedback as you’ll like!

    Interested in signing up? Click here and get started!

    (You’ve read this far, so go on!)

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