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What makes us special?

Riwaya Wedding Planner guides you in crafting your unique wedding experience,
from the majestic elegance of Middle Eastern ceremonies
to the vibrant energy of South Asian festivities.

Riwaya Wedding Planner

is your one-stop solution
for crafting the perfect plan.

You are able to:

  • Choose presets

  • Customize your checklist

  • Share it with loved ones

  • Track progress effortlessly

Explore our culturally tailored wedding planning checklists,
thoughtfully curated for you or make your own!

Select from:

Begin planning your ideal wedding with ease, combining Islamic weddings with cherished cultural traditions every step of the way!

Right from the start, you'll be introduced to a variety of presets that cater specifically to your culture.

Each preset already includes editable detailed lists of pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding events, ensuring that every important cultural ritual and celebration is considered.

Begin your journey with Riwaya today and create a celebration that's as extraordinary as your love story.