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My Tajweed Puzzle

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The world’s first Tajweed puzzle, has been designed to make learning the articulation points and their Arabic alphabet letters easy and fun. The puzzle features 6 wooden pieces each with easy to grip wooden pegs. The puzzle comes with a basic , yet informative information sheet covering everything that needs to be known for the articulation points. Scholar approved by Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud

How it works:

Remove the pieces to see which letters belong to each articulation point 


Learning objectives:

Learn the basic articulation points and the letters that belong to each point 

Letter recognition 

Increase vocabulary in the basic principles of Tajweed in English and Arabic 

Encourages eye coordination and teaches matching skills

Increases fine motor skills


The puzzle is a great tool to be used at home for young learners, in classrooms and for beginners of all ages.


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14 Days

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