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Zain and Zara go to Madrassah

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Join Zain and Zara's Day in Madrassa 

Assalamualaikum , Come and join us as we go to Madrassa today. Find out about all the exciting things we learn and all the fun games we get to play. 

Enjoy with your little one this exciting and educational journey that will introduce them to learning about Islam, and offers a positive and comforting perception of the madrassa environment .
Often, we do not get to see the behind - the - scenes efforts that are taking place in Madrassa. That is why this book was created to show children what a great place it is and how much we really learn. 

First of many from the Author "Zainab Azhar" whose main aim is to bring about the love of learning islam and working on Iman (Faith) from a young age. A beautifully illustrated and written book to showcase a positive, fun filled and educational day in Madrassah.

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