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Circle of Strength Necklace - 18K Yellow Gold Plated

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This luxuriously beautiful yet minimalistic piece is called the ‘Circle of Strength’ necklace and refers to the inner strength embodied by a woman.   The Arabic inscription translates as ‘Never Give Up’.

The unbreakable circle and the message of ‘Never Give Up’ represents the enduring strength and fortitude of a woman whilst the delicate Arabic calligraphy represents her gentleness and subtlety. 

The ring glides effortlessly on the delicate chain, again representing the balance of power and softness, in harmony with each other.  

This stunning piece is actually two pieces of jewellery in one as it can be worn as a ring or as a necklace - so you get two looks for the price of one!

This will look stunning as an addition to any look, whether you are going for subtle glamour, high fashion or minimalistic chic.  

It’s the perfect stand-out piece worn on its own or layered with other pieces. 

This gorgeous necklace comes in 18K Gold plated, 18K Rose Gold plated and Mirror Finish Stainless Steel - because, as women, we like to have choices!


18K Yellow Gold plated 

Ring diameter: 20mm

Ring width: 4mm

Chain length: 46cm plus 5cm extender. (Total length with extender: 51cm).

18K Yellow Gold plated over hypoallergenic stainless steel 

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% of all sales goes to community projects

Shop and Support select ethical businesses

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