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4-Qul Necklace

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The 4 Quls: Al Qafirun, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falak and An-Nas

The Four Surahs are called usually the Shielding Chapters in the entire Quran serving as protection from the whispers of Shaitan, Evil Eye (Nazr), jealousy, envy and all evils of the world we face on the daily. Safeguard yourself daily with this exquisite necklace. 

The 4-Qul Necklace is the perfect addition to your outfit, serving as  reminder of powerful benefits the surahs generate, including safety and ability to overcome your fears. Perfect to layer with other necklaces or wear alone for minimal elegance.

"We have an experienced designed team and manufacturing unit if you want more customization or make this necklace in real 18K solid gold, email us for more details. 

**Our jewelry is environmentally friendly - No cadmium and lead, or any harmful material that harms your bod

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