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60 x 1001 Nights Long Burning Incense Sticks

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1001 Nights Long Burning Incense Sticks

  • Each stick burns for over 1 hour. Long-lasting fragrance.
  • Made with bamboo and wood powder sourced from sustainable sources in Vietnam.
  • Amana incense sticks are guaranteed 100% natural and contain no glue or additives to make them burn.
  • Amana incense carries more than 50% extra fragrance per pack than other brands.
  • Our incense sticks are hand fragranced and packed in the UK.
  • Our fragrances can contain essential oils and also fragrance compounds.

Please burn our incense in a well-ventilated area. Our products are highly fragranced so they need adequate airflow and space. The smaller the room, the less you need to burn to fragrance the space.

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