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Rising Sultans Beard Growth Collection

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Patchy beard, weak hair follicles? Add our beard growth collection to your grooming routine: 

- Aqua Beard Growth Serum (30 ml)

- Musk Beard Growth Serum (30 ml)

- Sandalwood Beard Growth Serum (30 ml)

Key ingredients Jojoba Oil and phytosterol to improve and strengthen hair follicles!

Each of the Rising Sultans Beard Growth Serum is to bring out each individual’s inner sultan, to find empowerment with each and every drop. From the courageous war strength, to the strategic war planning to bring this all to life. The growth serum is more than a solution to a patchy beard, its more than an effective and luxurious addition to any grooming routine…..

It’s to go through the chapters of history, with each end, there’s a beginning and yours starts now. Become the Sultan in your life. what are you waiting for? Grow your beard!

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