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Cleansing Balm- Calming Calendula + Chamomile

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A beautiful blend of butters and infused oils, brings you these cleansing balms; soft and creamy at room temperature, that melts with the body heat as you massage it into dry skin.

It’s a luxurious, thick and rich cleansing experience, totally different to anything you might be used to if you haven’t oil cleansed before.

Designed to breakdown bacteria, dirt and oils, leaving your skin soft and moisturised.

Available in the following range:

- Hydrating Green Tea & French Clay
- Soothing Lavender & Rose
- Sensitive Calendula & Chamomile (No exfoliant)

Key Ingredients:

- Castor Oil

- Olive Oil

- Shea Butter

- Chamomile

- Calendula

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10 Days

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