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Botanical Essence- Oily Skin


An alchemy of pure, precious botanical hydrosols, intentionally put together to bring you The Botanical Essences.

Throw out those drying, alcohol toners, we have a new collection of balancing, nutrient rich botanical waters, working as a hydrating mist, and also doubles up as a beneficial toner.

Steam distillation of the whole plant, extracts all the amazing water based actives, giving your skin a whole different experience.

Working in the PH range of 4-7, it's the perfect product to balance the skin’s acid mantle. Spritz or dab gently onto the skin after cleansing and before serums as a toner, or throughout the day for a hydration boost.

Available in the following:

- Rose + Frangipani- Dry Skin
- Neroli + Tea Tree- Oily Skin
- Chamomile + Jasmine- Sensitive Skin
- Tea Tree + Lemon- Acne prone Skin
- Jasmine + Frangipani- Combination/ Normal Skin

Key Ingredients:

- Witch Hazel

- Neroli

- Jasmine

- Tea Tree

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