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British Wildflower Softset Honey

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Indulge in the pure goodness of Soft Set Raw Honey from the heart of the Midlands, thoughtfully crafted by beekeeper Paul. This exquisite honey is a testament to the meticulous care and passion poured into every jar.

Pure Midlands Magic:

From the lush landscapes of the Midlands, this soft set honey captures the essence of the region's diverse flora. Beekeeper Paul's commitment to sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices ensures a product that is as pure and natural as the Midlands themselves.

Benefits Beyond Sweetness:

Not just a delightful treat for your taste buds, this honey boasts a myriad of health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, it supports immune health and provides a natural energy boost. Beekeeper Paul's dedication to quality ensures that you enjoy all the wholesome goodness that honey has to offer.

Divine Taste Experience:

The soft set texture of this honey delivers a uniquely smooth and velvety consistency, making it a versatile delight. Spread it on warm toast, drizzle it over yogurt, or add a touch of sweetness to your favorite recipes. The delicate flavor profile reflects the Midlands' rich floral tapestry, offering a harmonious blend that's both comforting and delicious.

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% of all sales goes to community projects

Shop and Support select ethical businesses

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