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Medina Hijab

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What is medina silk hijab?

Popular among Muslim women, Medina hijab are a traditional Islamic head covering with a unique design and style. They feature a long, rectangular shape that drapes over the head and falls down to the shoulders. Lightweight and breathable, the fabric makes the hijab comfortable to wear.

Intricate geometric patterns adorn the fabric, one of the striking feature of Medina hijabs. Inspired by Islamic art medina patterns can range from simple, clean lines to more complex, detailed designs.

Also, there are different ways to style medina hijabs. Medina hijabs are popular among women who want to experiment with different styles. You can wear this with plain or simple clothing, they make the hijab a focal point of the outfit. Additionally, suitable for your formal and casual wear, they are perfect for occasions like Eid, or during Ramadan.


Is silk medina hijab good?

Benefit from the durability and easy maintenance of Medina hijabs, as they are machine washable and iron-able. Also, they are easy to iron, ensuring you have your hijab looking neat and presentable at all times.

Furthermore, Medina hijabs are seeming to be of trend and  style. women who wanted to experiment different styles using  traditional head covering whilst making a statement of fashion with their appearance.  They boast breathable fabric, intricate geometric patterns, easy to wear and care for, and are versatile, perfect for any occasions.

What is silk medina hijab made of?

Medina hijab is featured mainly for the luxurious and smooth. Silk medina hijab is made of shiny silk fabric. In addition, this traditional Islamic head covering boasts the same design and style as the regular Medina hijabs, but the use of silk gives it a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Moreover, The shimmering look of silk is a result of its triangular prism-like structure, which allows the silk fiber to refract light at various angles, producing different colors.

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% of all sales goes to community projects

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