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Jersey Hijab

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  1. What is Jersey Hijab?

    The stretchy and knit fabric, Jersey Hijab. This fabric offers comfort and versatility. Generally it is often made from natural fibers like cotton or wool. It could also be, synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon. Jersey hijabs are a popular choice for their comfort and ease of wear. Furthermore, this is because, you can easily pull them on like a headband or wrapped around the head in various styles. The ability to stretch and conform to the head makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods. These hijabs are commonly used for everyday wear and also in sports and other active activities.How can I style jersey hijab?

    Jersey hijabs, also known as “instant hijabs,” are a popular and easy-to-wear style of hijab. They are made from stretchy, breathable fabric (typically a blend of cotton and spandex) that drapes easily and stays in place without needing pins. Here are a few ways to style a jersey hijab:

    1. Undercap: You can use the Undercap and hijab style for different occasion. It is  a good way of styling a hijab if you want to create a stylish and secure look. Firstly, you should wear the undercap, its like a regular cap but made from a stretchy, breathable fabric. Secondly, take the hijab, drape it over your head and pin it securely in place.
    2. The turban wrap: You should fold the hijab in half lengthwise, bringing the two short ends together. Place the folded edge at the top of your head and wrap the two ends around your head, tucking them under at the nape of your neck. The result is a sleek and sophisticated look that’s perfect for formal occasions.
    3. Experiment with different ways of draping, knotting, and pinning the fabric to create your own unique style. Some people like to add a scarf brooch or other accessory to add a touch of elegance or personality to their look.
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% of all sales goes to community projects

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